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Our Story

Style. Design. Service

Charla Ruschelle is a slow fashion brand deeply committed to sustainable practices, engaging in ethical production while celebrating the individuality, style, and confidence of its fashion-forward clientele. Drawing inspiration from bohemian, urban, and chic motifs, we are passionate about crafting pieces that resonate with cultural influences and timelessness. Our brand caters to the modern, confident woman who places a premium on self-expression and individuality. With a palette of bold colors and intricately polished prints, we meticulously curate limited-edition, small-batch collections, offering made-to-order and made-to-measure handmade pieces crafted from the finest fabrics, including premium cottons, cotton blends, crepe, and challis. Proudly rooted in Atlanta, Georgia, Charla Ruschelle also collaborates with women-led businesses globally, building connections with those that echo our brand's voice and values. At Charla Ruschelle, we don't just design fashion; we champion the independent spirit, celebrate confidence, originality, and ardently support the audacious expression of self through our creations. Mission Our mission is to elevate style expression and cultivate confident individuality by embracing designs and fabrics that go beyond fitting in…They unapologetically stand out in the crowd. Vision Our vision is to reshape the global fashion landscape by empowering fashion-forward individuals with styles that not only celebrate the spirit of being unique but also champion the essence of cultural independence. At the heart of Charla Ruschelle, we recognize the strength and innovation women bring to society, lifestyle and the world of business. Our intentional alignment with women-led businesses underscores our commitment to this belief. From production to product placement and extending into the very fabric of our communities, we foster purposeful partnerships that resonate with our brand voice, ensuring that every thread we weave, every design we conceptualize, is a tribute to women empowerment. We strive to be more than just a fashion brand; we aim to be a beacon of inspiration, championing the voices and visions of diverse women leaders, while consistently delivering unparalleled style and authenticity.

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