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Ethically-Made-to-Order • Limited Prints & Styles • One-of-a-Kinds • Small Batch

Global Styler!

Image by Marissa Grootes

Charla Ruschelle, a women's wear brand, sets itself apart in the saturated fast-fashion market by prioritizing ethical, handmade, small-batch, and sustainable practices. This commitment results in a rich fusion of bohemian, urban, and chic aesthetics, giving sunshine on the cultural roots that have shaped these styles over time. It offers a distinct experience that consciously defies fast-fashion uniformity and instead celebrates vibrant individuality.

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Local Services 

Concoction the Work_Shop, where we "clothe, create and consult", is our local shop in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide services in minor alterations, re-fashioning garments you wish to elevate and custom-making services for our

loyalty-elite clientele. The shop is by appointment only at this time.

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