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Charla Ruschelle Mitchell
-Fashion Designer | Owner/CEO

Charla R. Mitchell

CEO | Fashion Designer | Fashionpreneur


Couturier, Wardrobe consulting & styling,

Visual Merchandising, Creator of Wardrobe,

Minor Alterations/Seamstress/Tailoring


Ethical, Small Batch, Sewn and Designed Clothing Brand


2001 , CR Clothing Company (Co.)/Charla Ruschelle

A Bit About Me

        The conceptualization of my designing and creating fashion is reflective of my unique

cultural background, upbringing and personal style. -Charla R. Mitchell

As a seasoned artisan with over two decades in the industry, my brand Charla Ruschelle has been committed to the principles of slow fashion. Our dedication to ethical and sustainable practices form the core of our brand identity. We create limited-edition, small-batch, and one-of-a-kind fashion pieces that both elevate style expression and celebrate confident individuality. These creations are tailored to women who appreciate cultural influences, individuality, and fashion that augments their professional and socially active lifestyles.


In a world increasingly conscious of environmental impacts, aligning my brand with sustainable values has not just been personally fulfilling, but has also profoundly resonated with my customers. My brand pays homage to the varied lifestyles and unique style sensibilities spanning the vast cultural landscape of North America, while thoughtfully incorporating global influences through our curated selection of fine fabrics and vibrant prints. This creates a timeless narrative that powerfully resonates both within and beyond our region.


I grew up in Columbia, Maryland, where I was exposed to a diverse blend of multicultural experiences and trends from different cities, northern exposure states and suburbs. Inspired by my fondness for bohemian, urban, and chic styles, I built a brand that embodies these aesthetics while maintaining a strong commitment to ethical and sustainable practices. 


With a solid foundation with a BA degree in Art/Fashion Design and Visual Merchandising from

Clark Atlanta University, I've used my sewing skills and experience in the fashion industry to establish my brand. I have held managerial roles with top big-box retail doors, streetwear fashion brands, and fashion businesses, and have run Concoction theWork_Shop in Atlanta's Old 4th Ward, where I "clothe, create and consult," since 2015.


My goal is to use my clothing brand as a platform for empowering other women, particularly women of color, as well as the next generation of creatives. I strive to be a positive force, making an impact in the fashion/art and creative spaces, educating, and inspiring others. My journey is a testament to the power of embracing one's heritage while fearlessly reaching for new heights in the world of fashion.


We are proud to be a minority-owned, black-owned business that creates handmade, everyday, ethical ready-to-wear pieces designed to unapologetically stand out in the crowd. Our brand is universally adored by stylish, confident women of all cultures who understand and value finely-constructed garments and the superior fabrics used in their creation. These discerning customers appreciate the sustainability, timelessness, and confident style that effortlessly transcend through each Charla Ruschelle garment they select for their personal wardrobe. Not to be left behind, many men too appreciate the beauty of these garments, often expressing their admiration for the elegant drapery that adorns the women in their lives.


"I Charla and the Charla Ruschelle brand aspire to inspire and empower everyone to embrace their authentic selves, live in the moment, and be a beacon of positivity. With each Charla Ruschelle garment, you wear not just a piece of clothing but a statement of style, confidently shining your unique light onto the world."




  • Mother and Daughter Breakfast Fashion Show February 4th, MD

  • New York Fashion Week, 2/6-2/12, NYC everywhere!

  • SS '23 Collection Fashion Production Event 

  • Ubiquitous Womens Expo July 21st-23rd , Washington, DC

  • Buyers Dinner Fall 2023

  • Wholesale distribution opportunities for Boutique Owners

  • Collaboration, Collaborations... Let's Collaborate!

  • New partnership with Beauty brand IHP 2024

  • New Capsule collection trademarked > Coming this Fall 2024

  • Established a skilled-based learning & development mentorship program

  • International Fashion Designer finalist participant for an International Reality Show, “Stitched”, Toronto, Canada | 1st Season 2018

  • Finalist participant for the Southern Designer Belk Department Store Competition 2017

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