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Our Story

At Charla Ruschelle, we are passionate about fashion and design. Drawing inspiration from bohemian, urban, and chic motifs, we create unique and stylish pieces that reflect the cultural influences of a vibrant American landscape and global collaboration. Our collection caters to the modern, confident woman who values self-expression and individuality. With a focus on style, design, and service, we strive to provide our customers with the best shopping experience.

"Exemplifies the independence and confidence of women everywhere, offering timeless, chic, and sassy fashion that empowers and inspires."

Phoenix  Simone

-Fashion Photographer

"Your brand's commitment to ethical and sustainable practices further enhances its appeal, making it a standout in the fashion industry."

Harper Noir

-Lifestyle Blogger

"Charla Ruschelle's designs make me feel confident, stylish, and ready to go into the scene on point! I love that the pieces are unique, versatile, and ethically made."

Kelly Sterling

-Military Veteran

"Every time I wear my

Charla Ruschelle garb, I receive so many compliments. The brand perfectly captures my bold and vibrant personality, while still being comfortable and chic."

Miriam Avalon

-Chief Executive Officer






Bohemian, Urban and Chic'

Lena dress is classy and comfortable.




Ethical Production


First-Rate Materials

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