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Discover Charla Ruschelle's personalized fashion services tailored to elevate your style.

Charla Ruschelle, a women's wear brand, sets itself apart in the saturated fast-fashion market by prioritizing ethical, handmade, small-batch, and sustainable practices. This commitment results in a rich fusion of bohemian, urban, and chic aesthetics, giving sunshine on the cultural roots that have shaped these styles over time. It offers a distinct experience that consciously defies fast-fashion uniformity and instead celebrates vibrant individuality.

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Inside Charla Ruschelle

Slow Fashion-Centered

Charla Ruschelle is not just a fashion brand; it's a movement empowering women and communities. Our meticulously crafted pieces transcend trends, honoring personal style and independence. We are committed to sustainability, strategically sourcing high-quality materials from small producers. Each garment we create are of small batch, limited editions, as well as,  one-of-a-kind masterpieces, crafted with care by Charla Ruschelle. We foster cultural and emotional connections through our designs. Currently, we are building an ethical community of women-led, skilled sewing artisans, that connect to our brand voice. With impeccable customer service, we take pride in helping individuals express themselves through perfect pieces. Explore our collection with confidence, and remember, our team is here to assist you in every way possible. Happy shopping!

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Local Services 

Concoction the Work_Shop, where we "clothe, create and consult", is our local shop in Atlanta, Georgia. We provide services in minor alterations, re-fashioning garments you wish to elevate and custom-making services for our

loyalty-elite clientele. The shop is by appointment only at this time.


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